“The most beautiful thing we can experience is mystery.”
Albert Einstein


The 80’s. Dino appears out of nowhere. Since then strange things have happened. Due other teenagers follow balls, Dino is dealing intensively with magic in all ist aspects and joins as the youngest member in history the Magic Ring Austria. After graduating the young magic man travels to different places in the world, single-minded to improve his magic knowledge. Out there Dino gets to know the real secret of magic: communication with other people and different cultures.
That in mind, combined with well-rehearsed perfection bring his shows to a higher and sustainable level of entertainment. By now, Dino is booked world-wide, received plenty of honors, and represented as general secretary the Magic Ring of Austria that is the roofing bond of all magicians of Austria. The mind artist has set himself the target to inspire his surrounding in a positive way, to spread joy and happiness throughout his performances being able to create a huge impact as a single person.

“I’ve seen tons of magicians all my life, but you’re far the best! Rock on!”
John Davis, Milli Vanilli


Hotels & Weddings 2019

“Our life is the product of our thoughts.”
Marc Aurel


“I’m absolutely stunned. Can I trust you?”
Barbara Karlich, ORF


“I’ve seen tons of magicians all my life, but you’re far the best! Rock on!”

John Davis, Milli Vanilli

“You’re just awesome!”

Jenny Wiesalla, Hoteldirektorin Rudolfshütte

“Just great!”

Hansi Bandl, CEO Muttersberg

“A huge thank for that super entertainment!”

Kerstin Jansen, BAUakademie

“I’ve seen already people doing magic tricks, but rarely an artist with such an approach of positive energy and joy.”

Alexander Martin, CEO Reform Martin GmbH

“Dino proves comedic talent.”

Vorarlberger News

“A huge compliment to your staying power and everything. Everybody was totally enchanted from you and your magic skills.”

Maria Salchner, Event Manager Swarovski Crystal World

“You’re world-class. Thanks a lot for entertaining us!”

Evelyn Fankhauser, Hypo Tirol Bank AG

“It was an incredible success with you. See you definately again!”

Suzanne Lang, CEO Lang + Friends GmbH

“Both shows were awesome. Your spontaneity is absolutely captivating!”

Miriam Stürz, Spar European Shopping Centers GmbH

“… after years irreplaceable!”

Sabine Schweinberger, Hotel Galtenberg****s

“Captivating adults with magic is easier said than done. You definately did it. I’ve received all-round praise and everybody was sure that your show changed our dinner into an extraordinary experience.”

Stephan Viskorf, CEO P+P Pöllath + Partners

“You presented our complex topic in a facintating and understandable way for our clients. Thanks for that great support!”

Wolfgang Kradischnig, CEO Delta Holding GmbH

“You enchanted us with your charming way of performing and we had all plenty of fun. Huge thankx!”

Regina Eikenberg, Energie AG

“Dino astonished us with lots of skills and charm. We were even discussing weeks after our event about that that guy.”

Barbara Urthaler, MiCROTEC GmbH

“Brashness rules, magic for sure. Dino Dorado thrills with outstanding miracles.”

Tiroler Tageszeitung, Daily News Tyrol

“You’re show was an extreme success. Thank you for that.”

Karin Stanger, Ortner & Stanger GmbH

“I’m absolutely stunned. Can I trust you?”

Barbara Karlich, ORF

“My favorite magician.”

Daniela Rochelt, CEO Swarovski

“I can’t believe it. You’re out of this world.”

Richard Lugner alias Mörtl

“You enriched our event enormously. To lead a business event to success, your approach with humor and charm is designed perfectly.”

Hannes Waldhart, Waldhart Software GmbH